Town of Unshaved Pork

from Super Sword Blade by StijnvanWakeren

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“Oink oink oink oink oink.” all around you there are pigs oinking about their day. “So this is Pig Plaza. Our best bet is to ask around if anyone here knows about the last piece of that old blade, oink.”
You and Casserole spend the whole afternoon asking around. Casserole admittedly did more eating at the various food stalls than asking. Yet, you still manage to figure out that the blade piece must be in Pig Palace, the only place you’d find items of that nature.
You and Casserole reach the palace. It's surrounded by a fence. The fence, whilst absolutely tall enough to stop a pig from entering, only reaches up to your bellybutton.
“What's your business? Oink.” Two pig guards stand by the only gate in the fence. You try to explain about the blade and why you need it to defeat the evil which will surely spread. Before you finish the word 'blade’ one of the guards interrupts you. “Oink. Listen, if it ain't about food, the king won't hear it. So if you could just oink back to your crispy town, that would be fantastic. Oink.”
You start to walk back. However, as soon as you notice the pigs losing interest, you turn around and swiftly move past them. Casserole is right behind you. Casserole squeaks softly: “What are you trying to do? Oink.” You pick him up and throw him over the fence. The guards didn't notice. You silently step over the fence yourself. You are now a pig criminal.


from Super Sword Blade, released November 18, 2016



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