Stabbed by a Shadow

from Super Sword Blade by StijnvanWakeren

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"One dozen of eggs coming right up!" As the farmer disappears behind his shelve, the sun disappears behind some clouds. However, they look too dark to be regular clouds. You look behind you. A fire, screams and an ear piercing growl. Without thinking you run back home. Reaching the flames which were once your home, another growl grabs your attention. A horrific monster stands next to your house. Due to its size, you saw it as a building at first. The monster looks at you, but other than it's bloodthirsty eyes you notice something else. It's got your mother in its claws. Before you can do anything the monster runs off, leaving you and your village in ruins.
After the smoke clears up the villagers decide to go to the capital to see the king. You pack what's left of your things and leave.


from Super Sword Blade, released November 18, 2016



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