Poking in Royal Business

from Super Sword Blade by StijnvanWakeren

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"This ancient evil can only be defeated by the one blade to have done it before!" The whole room is silenced as the voice of the king's advisors echoes off the walls. "We must send a brave knight to collect the parts of it which are still with the other kingdoms. That knight shall defeat the monster and save the kingdom." The king takes a short look at his advisor. "You heard him! Is there any knight who will attempt to slay this beast?" As the remains of the king's words fade off in the distance, the rooms stays silent. You decide to step forward. A grin appears on the king's face. "You? A little girl to defeat a monster? That's just silly. However, since you seem to be the only one brave enough, you deserve a chance. As the task of retrieving the pieces of the blade from the other kingdoms doesn't seem too dangerous, you can do that first to prove your worth. If you return with both pieces, you will get the third and last one from me. I'll have my advisor dig it up as he is apparently the only one to remember we had such a thing." The king takes a moment to breath. Noticing you and your village are still in his throne room he stands up and starts waving his hands high above his head. "Farewell small knight. I wish you well on your quest!"


from Super Sword Blade, released November 18, 2016



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