Piercing the Heart of Darkness

from Super Sword Blade by StijnvanWakeren

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“You did well my son!” A pulsating dark mass is growing bigger and bigger where the king's advisor once stood. The king and his staff hastily scurry away.
The ancient blade is gone. Taken by the monster in front of you. It's barely contained in the throne room.
“My son” Those words echo through your head. Casserole, your friend, had tricked you to collect all the blade pieces, only to make sure his father could take them for himself. His father, the king's advisor, the ancient monster who took your mother.
The monster roars, making the ground below you shiver. It looks like your end has come, but you're not afraid. The ancient blade was not what killed the beast long ago. The blade was just a blade. It was the hero, his bravery and the love of his people that killed the beasts. You have that same love.
You try to take your knife, but before you can a large claw hits you. Your knife bounces to the other side of the room, while you hit the floor. It gets dark for a second. You didn't expect it to hurt this much.
You open your eyes, soft oinking coming from your chest. It's Casserole. He’ is crying. “I'm so sorry.”
You stand up, with your knife in your hands and Casserole behind you, you launch at the beast.


from Super Sword Blade, released November 18, 2016



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