Chiffonade Flies for the Frog King

from Super Sword Blade by StijnvanWakeren

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“Well, you heard the king. He has no use for that dusty old sword piece, however, we do have our laws and you broke one!” You look at Casserole, he seems to be just as confused as you. Since you arrived the king hasn't moved nor made a sound. How could he have said all that? “Scaring away our sacred flies means you will have to make a meal for our king. If he likes it you go free. If he doesn't, well… he'll eat you.”
You and Casserole get taken to the kitchen. Good thing your mother taught you to cook, although she never told you how to properly prepare flies. You cut and chop and chop and slice. Bake, fry and grill, then cook some rice.
You present the meal to the frog king. Deep down you don't expect the king to move at all. Just as you take a deep breath, the king's tongue shoots towards the meal. In a second it's gone. “He loves it!” The frogs start croaking in excitement. The frog from before walks up to you with a piece of the legendary blade. “Here you go. You can keep that old kitchen knife too. Should be of more use to you. We tend to eat our flies whole.”


from Super Sword Blade, released November 18, 2016



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